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Yokohama Sunset Collection

We present the new limited edition of the YOKOHAMA model, the YOKOHAMA Sunset edition. Last season we released the YOKOHAMA model for our optical collection and, delighted with the shape and result, we’ve reworked the model to release it in the sunglasses line!  The new Yokohama Gold & Platinum is available for the first time with solar lenses. Made of a blend of titanium and acetate, this limited edition frame introduces noble materials like gold and platinum in the manufacturing process. The result is a super-light model with two surprising and attractive finishes, blurring the line between accessories and jewellery.

With rounded lines and a certain vintage air, we continue to opt for studied and careful design to position ourselves as one of the most cutting-edge firms in the optical world in terms of design and materials.


Cara Delevingne wearing YOKOHAMA SUNSET PLATINUM