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UNDERWATER, the new spring/summer 2024 campaign that aims to unravel the mysteries of the deep sea

The deep ocean is one of the largest unexplored areas on the planet. The ocean floor has not yet been fully explored, and several species remain undiscovered by science. While we have spacecraft exploring the surface of Mars, we have only managed to explore a minimal part of the ocean floor. The more we learn about the oceans and marine life, the more aware we become of how much there is still to discover.
What mysteries do the depths of the sea conceal?
In the unexplored depths of the ocean,
where the rays of the sun dare not enter,
there exists a universe inhabited by mystical beings
where flora and fauna mesmerize with their vibrant colors.
A realm unknown until now…
Etnia Barcelona presents: UNDERWATER: The Beauty of Depths
Etnia Barcelona presents UNDERWATER, the new campaign and collection for this spring-summer 2024. A campaign that seeks to unravel the mysteries of the deep seas through a journey of creative and surreal exploration.
UNDERWATER recreates an underwater realm inhabited by mystical beings, where flora and fauna mesmerize with the beauty and exuberance of their colors.
A universe created through artificial intelligence that takes us away from a cold and robotic perception to bring us closer to a world where the fusion of this technology and nature creates a magical and harmonious environment, respecting every detail.
UNDERWATER invites us to explore the mysteries of the underwater world while reflecting on issues such as the coexistence of human creativity and artificial intelligence to create a surprising world.

This surreal universe is also reflected in the designs of the new collection. UNDERWATER includes 22 new models, 18 for prescription and 4 for sunglasses, with variations in color. The collection, inspired by the underwater world, combines a palette of translucent tones, evoking reflections of light in the water, with solid colors inspired by underwater flora and fauna. Furthermore, the glasses bear names related to marine imagery such as Arrecife, Posidonia, Anemona, or Coral, among many others. 

The spring-summer 2024 collection is already available in selected optical stores (check the shopfinder on our website), at, and in Etnia Barcelona Flagship Store.