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Vintage Collection – Malasaña, Madrid

The new Etnia Barcelona Vintage collection is a tribute to independent culture. Malasaña, Kreuzberg, Williamsburg, Shoreditch, Mission District…Each model takes its name from a historic neighborhood in a major world city, known for the cultural movements that started there and defined each of them.


Rockola opening during  the”Movida”,  Miguel Trillo photo

The vibrant and “non-conformist” neighbourhood in downtown Madrid. It lived through the popular uprising that was later continued by the Spanish War of Independence.

A hundred and eighty years later, the decade of the ’70s and early ’80s saw the blossoming of the era of liberty, the underground, drugs … in short, the era of the “Movida Madrileña”, a musical movement that overtook Spain in the ’80s and continues to mark and influence thousands of people with its exquisite transgressive, liberating power and modernity. No doubt one of the most important cultural movements of the end of the last century.


Manu Campa is a painter and lives in Malasaña


Ella Jazz is dj and lives in Malasaña


Edu is a barber living in Malasaña

Manu Campa: Manu is a painter and photography teacher at the  Miami ad school who is closely linked to the world of urban cycling. Since 2008 he has been working in downtown Madrid, in the Malasaña neighbourhood. That is where he finds the inspiration for his projects, in his personal environment with its strong architecture, art, and design trends. His work embodies his aesthetic environment and yearns to restore painting to its traditional position