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YVES KLEIN’s vision

Without a doubt, color is our backbone, and consequently, our brand is structured around the exploration of color. With interests ranging from scientific to artistic, the world of color is endless. Thousands of artists have worked with color in inspiring ways, and we are honored to work amongst them.

Our admiration for Yves Klein stems from his unique approach to color. Yves Klein based his work on the properties of a color, using the color to express issues in a nearly philosophical manner.

The French visionary was considered an important figure in post-war European art. Known as a pioneer in the development of Performance art, Klein is also recognized as an inspiration to the Minimalist and Pop art movements. Some of his most eminent Performance art showcased the body imprints of female models covered with blue pigment.

The artist’s life closed in a perfect artist’s circle; as a testament to his passion for color, his autopsy discovered that he was internally dyed blue from inhalation of the very pigment he had patented.





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