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Etnia Barcelona SS19 video 1

Etnia Barcelona is much more than an eyewear brand. We represent color, art, quality, tradition, modernity and, of course, the city that has watched us grow: Barcelona. It’s a lifestyle, a place that’s open to the world and that keeps inspiring us to continue dreaming each and every day, but without stopping doing what we have been taught with dedication and passion, and always with an eye for detail. We seek top quality and manage the creation process from beginning to end.

Etnia Barcelona SS19 video 2

Art and culture are also our main sources of inspiration. We create exclusive color combinations so that each look can be expressed freely. As always, we use natural materials such as acetate, which is made from cotton.

Etnia Barcelona SS19 video 3

Etnia Barcelona is the result of blending tradition with modernity. It’s a brand that evolves at the speed of light, but that never forgets where it came from. Because in the end, it’s all about moving forward without losing the essence of what makes you unique.

Etnia Barcelona MALIBU BEACH gafas de sol MALIBU BEACH SUN GDPU

Etnia Barcelona sunglasses Saint Honore SAINT HONORE SUN GR

Etnia Barcelona DTLA gafas de sol D.T.L.A SUN BLBR

Etnia Barcelona Navona sunglasses NAVONA SUN BZPU