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Etnia Barcelona meets Mudec

This week we had the opportunity to visit the MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) in Milan with ten of the city’s fashion and trendspotting journalists, who accompanied us through the Africa, Terra degli Spiriti exhibition.

A unique opportunity to present our Wild Love in Africa collection to the press.

With over 270 African pieces, the “Land of Spirits” show proposes an itinerary that illustrates the different ways in which the West has responded to the visual arts of Africa.

The show is journey through the connections between the world of human beings and the world of spirits, of interpenetration and construction relating the products of culture with the course of nature.
The traditional art of Black Africa attests to the indissoluble coexistence of a formal quality of “pure art”, based on specific aesthetic canons, and the multiplicitous richness of religious beliefs, rituals and expressions of power that never abandon the everyday objects of the different peoples.

The exhibition is divided into different sections, each with a specific theme: formal quality expressed through 50 of the most important and monumental masterpieces of African art. A large-scale and sophisticated exhibition curated by Ezio Bassani, Lorenz Homberger, Gigi Pezzoli and Claudia Zevi.

A chance to associate the exhibition with the origins of the Wild Love in Africa collection and Etnia Barcelona’s adventurous and passionate spirit.






etniabarcelona_beyonce_ulleraWild Love in Africa Collection by Etnia Barcelona