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When you open up Miranda Makaroff‘s Instagram page you find yourself immersed in a universe of color, positivity and a very inspiring personal style. A designer, artist, model, DJ… the daughter of Lydia Delgado has become one of the most emblematic influencers currently out there. She also possesses one of those rare, genuinely free spirits when it comes to fashion, which she still manages to stay true to in the age of the selfie. Because of this, we at Etnia Barcelona are delighted to have worked with her to present our new 2018 sunglasses collection through some of the images that you can view on our Instagram page.

Miranda Makaroff Etnia Barcelona

For this collaboration, Miranda Makaroff and the photographer, Pascal Moscheni borrowed a selection of new Etnia Barcelona sunglasses for their road trip to Miami. Miranda’s multidisciplinary talent, Pascal’s skill behind the camera and the perfect stage: that’s how this sunny city in Florida became the backdrop for these original, upbeat photographs where our Etnia Barcelona sunglasses were the perfect fit.

YALETOWN Etnia Barcelona

NISANTASI Etnia Barcelona

The pastel tones of Miami’s architecture, its palm trees and spectacularly blue sky combine with some of our most audacious sunglasses, such as the Nisantasi BLPK model, whose color-flecked acetate features inspired by reARTing are a small work of art. Miranda Makaroff isn’t one to overlook the latest trends. She selects styles that are sure to be very popular in the summer of 2018, such as the new Lapa Sun PKBK sunglasses from our Vintage collection, a modern take on the 1960s style.

Etnia Barcelona LAPA

MITTE Etnia Barcelona

Learn more about Miranda Makaroff, as well as her tastes and interests through our now-classic Etnia Barcelona questionnaire:

Someone you admire and who you feel has changed the rules

César Manrique


If you had to choose just one color, which one would it be?



If a movie about Miranda Makaroff were to be made, what would the soundtrack be?

Something created by Pascal Moscheni and curated by David Gómez Maestre


Recommend a painter, writer, filmmaker, designer… People who inspire your creativity.

A painter..

Fernand Léger


A writer…




Wes Anderson



Lydia Degado


If Etnia Barcelona were an artist, who would it be?

Etnia is Etnia: that’s already saying a lot. It doesn’t need to be anyone else 🙂


Does Miranda inspire you? You can find all of the designs worn in this new collaboration on our website. You bring the attitude!