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NEW optical campaign 2014

Color, form, and subtlety define our 2014 campaign. We aim for this campaign to convey the true expertise of Etnia Barcelona: the quality of our products, and the devotion we give to every detail bring a natural elegance to each model as if they were works of art, like a subtle watercolor painting.

We hope everyone love and enjoy it!

etniabarcelona_newimage_2014_03etniabarcelona_newimage_2014_04ARNHEM BLHO

etniabarcelona_newimage_2014_08etniabarcelona_newimage_2014_09BONN LEBL

etniabarcelona_newimage_2014_05etniabarcelona_newimage_2014_07HANNOVER RDHV

etniabarcelona_newimage_2014_01etniabarcelona_newimage_2014_02NOTTINGHAM RDHO