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PARIS-TOKYO in the FASHION channel

PARIS-TOKYO is already in all the top fashion and concept stores worldwide.

We work hard in the concept of PARIS-TOKYO; is not just a product, is an story too, so we wanted for our sunglasses collection to be in all the places related to design, art, fashion and lifestyle.

Now you can find PARIS-TOKYO in Colette (Paris), 10 Corso Como (Milan)…

Alterstyle_etniabarcelonaAlter in Shangai (China)

Arropame_etniabarcelona_01 Arropame_etniabarcelona

Arropame in Vizcaya (Spain)


Bungalow Gallery (Online)


Kuznetsky Most 20 in Moscow

Storm_etniabarcelona_01Storm in Copenhagen

and so on…!