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As part of our global brand campaign, #BeAnartist, we wanted to work with Italian artist Luca Mainini to help us present the Etnia Barcelona glasses from a different point of view. 

For the new brand campaign, which will be launched on May 22, we wanted to work with artists who shared the values of Etnia Barcelona. Rule-breaking and daring, Luca Mainini’s personality fits well with the values we want to communicate with our campaign#BeAnartist: we created the Anartist concept by merging the adjectives Anarchic and Artist, which describe well the Etnia Barcelona DNA.

Be Anartist is a surrealist campaign, the most radical that we have done so far. That’s why the Italian designer Luca Mainini was the perfect partner to present our eyewear collections from a different perspective: his collages have a surrealistic and anarchic touch that is in tune with Etnia Barcelona.

The artist takes elements from the pop culture, chops them into tiny little pieces and mixes them creating surrealistic and unpredictable images. For more than three years now, Luca Mainini’s collages have attracted big players of the fashion industry such as Dolce&Gabbana, Moschino, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy and many others. At Etnia Barcelona, we have also gone crazy with his pop collages and GIFs.

As we consider Luca Mainini to be kind of an Anartist, we wanted to show 5 of our eyewear models with his chaotic collages:

# 1 Bannanas: this collage presents the Verdi sunglasses from the Originals collection. Available in bold color combinations, the Verdi frame is made from natural, cotton-based acetates and a double bridge metal frame in gold, silver and pink gold. The temple tips have been designed with green, turquoise, blue or beige acetates to add an extra touch of color. The mineral lenses are available also in different colors and they’ve been treated with the photochromic and HD filters.

Luca Mainini para Etnia Barcelona - Bananas

# 2 Mannequin: the protagonists of this collage are our unisex Hongdae sunglasses, from the Vintage collection. The Hongdae sunglasses frame is a mixed one, combining metal in the temples, with modernist details, and natural acetate at the front. The mineral lenses are Barberini, from pure mineral crystal.

Luca Mainini para Etnia Barcelona - Mannequín

# 3 Telephone: The Italian artist turns our eyeglasses Como into a telephone The “Como” glasses are part of the Originals collection and they are available in nine different color combinations: Havana, wood textures, transparent or in pink, red, blue, green and yellow designs. The frames are made with natural cotton-based acetates, from the Italian house Mazzucchelli.

Luca Mainini para Etnia Barcelona - Teléfono

# 4 Monkey: the optical glasses Shinjuku are part of the Vintage Collection and they are available in six different colors. The Shinjuku’s frame is round and mixed: with metal temples and metal bridge, with engraved modernist details, and natural acetate by Mazzucchelli at the top of the front and temple tips.

Luca Mainini para Etnia Barcelona - Monkey

# 5 Lady: The prescription glasses Torino are part of our eyewear Advanced Collection, the most technological and light of the brand. The Torino glasses are available in nine different colors and the frame is a mixed one: it combines metal with the Mazzucchelli cotton-based acetate at the top of the front.

Luca Mainini para Etnia Barcelona - Manequín

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