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Etnia Barcelona Sales meeting 2016

Yet another year, the Etnia Barcelona family got together, as it does every August, for its annual Sales Meeting in Barcelona.

Working under the leitmotiv of Breathing, we were made tuned in to the brand’s “raison d’etre”.
This last year has proven intense, with lots of work, effort and constancy. And that is precisely why we chose to name the 2016 meeting Breathing, because that’s just what we need to do, breath deeply, build up our strength to tackle all the great projects that await us.


Three days brimming over with hard work and play. Three days to share the years’ successes, and the changes that await us for the coming year, with the Etnia Barcelona team.

At the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 meeting, held at Llotja de Mar, we were all able to enjoy a walk through the history and background of Etnia Barcelona. A route that took us through the “Anatomy of the Brand”, running through the most important events and stories that have brought us to where we find ourselves today, that little bit closer to our dream of becoming the best brand in the world.

Moreover, at the presentation, we saw all the new models from our Originals and Vintage collections.
The new frames from the Originals Collection: 11 prescription frames and 9 sunglasses in acetate and metal.  The collection emphasises the attributes of Etnia Barcelona: Original, highly expressive frames with advanced colour combinations and the kind of quality that only we are able to offer, working with our own production facilities.

And also, the new models from our Vintage Collection: 7 prescription frames, 9 sunglasses and 4 clip-ons.
Emblematic frames, reinterpreted by the Etnia Barcelona Design Team, working with our ethnic identity to create our own Indie Vintage.
This season we have introduced new metal frames to round off our Vintage Collection. Glasses inspired by the rock stars of the 60s and 70s, paying homage to the look and counter-culture of the time. Assembled with flat lenses, they create an advanced, futuristic look.

Over the following days of our Breathing Sales Meeting, we enjoyed our Product, Trade Marketing, IT, Communication, Brand and other workshops, as well the many other activities, that brought the whole team that little bit closer to the values of the brand and made the Etnia Barcelona “Breathing 2016” Sales Meeting such a resounding success.

We just can’t wait to see you all again next year!