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What does the sixth #BeAnartist photograph mean?  We continue deciphering the images in the campaign developed alongside the photographer Biel Capllonch: surreal pictures, brimming over with cinematographic references.

As in our previous posts on the imagery of our #BeAnartist campaign, all the pictures correspond to one of the 11 commandments of our Decalogue, developed to define what an Anartistic Attitude is: both anarchic and artistic.

Picture number 6 is inspired by the look of David Lynch films and refers to point 6 of our Decalogue: “The Anartist believes in, and creates, chaos”. It shows us true chaos: the picture does not seek to convey a specific message, but to provoke the audience, make it react, to generate tension and be open to different interpretations. It also shows how there are two sides to all of us and urges us to remove our masks and show the world  just who we really are.

ANARTIST #6 The Anartist believes in chaos and creates chaos

The protagonists in the picture are Anartists, women who see the world around them through their Etnia Barcelona glasses. The woman on the left, looking straight into the camera, is wearing a transparent pair of Koblenz prescription glasses, from our Vintage collection.

ANARTIST Etnia Barcelona Koblenz-CLGD

The dummy, and the woman behind it, are wearing Torino glasses from our Advanced prescription collection. Our Torino eyewear combines natural acetate and nanoflex technology, to offer eyewear which is both extremely light and strong.

The picture shows us Habana-red and black-pink colour combinations, although our Torino eyewear is available in up to 9 different colour combinations.

ANARTIST Etnia Barcelona Torino HVRD

Etnia Barcelona Torino PKBK Etnia Barcelona Torino PKBK

To be continued…