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HD Lenses: The best technology for your eyes

Etnia Barcelona remains true to its mission to deliver the very best quality throughout. On this occasion, the emphasis is on the benefits offered by its HD sunglass Lenses and, on the need, to protect our eyes year-round.

Our HD lenses are produced in pure mineral glass, made from 3 rare earth elements: Neodymium, Praseodymium and Erbium. The three elements help improve the quality of our vision, they increase contrast and offer exceptional clarity, as well as extreme robustness.

HD Lenses Etnia Barcelona

Landscape seen through an HD Lens

The brand’s lenses are exclusively produced in this kind of glass which, moreover, is combined with our HD Colors Technology: an innovative filter which enhances the clarity and intensity of primary colours. The special composition of the glass gives the lenses unique strength and clearness, incomparably superior to the features offered by other lenses available in the sector.

The benefits offered by Etnia Barcelona HD Lenses basically centre around the way they enhance primary colours to bring the wearer far more vivid colours and greater clarity in terms of depth of field. At the same time, they block both internal and external reflections while providing 100% UV protection.

HD Lenses

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Moreover, our HD Lenses offer superior strength and extreme protection, thanks to the innovative treatments applied to enhance robustness and durability. Anti-scratch treatment stops the lens from getting scratched and minimises the wear and tear of everyday use. Antiglare treatment prevents those annoying reflections and the rebound effect they can have on the eyes. An oleophobic coating helps keep the glasses clean and prevents finger marks. Lastly, a hydrophobic coating repels water and helps keep your glasses clean.

Etnia Barcelona: unique, incomparably clear sight. All the brand’s sunglass collections feature HD lenses which, depending on the model, come either with a polarising filter or photochromatic protection. So, in addition to plain HD, the brand’s eyewear features HD+Photochromatic lenses, to offer greater versality and comfort as they adjust to the brightness of the lighting by becoming slightly darker or lighter, or HD+Polarised lenses, recommended for driving and snow or water sports, since they block the horizontal reflections one normally gets when engaging in such activities.

HD Lenses Etnia Barcelona

But, that’s not all, the Barcelona eyewear brand has gone for coloured lenses in a big way, offering a broad range of different shades: from yellow (more for the look than anything else) through to black, which is recommended for driving or extreme exposure to very bright sunlight. In all, the brand offers its lenses in 7 different hues: yellow, green blue, pink, brown, grey and black, each suited to different lighting conditions and uses.

To raise awareness of its HD lenses, Etnia Barcelona has launched a campaign with a series of videoclips and pictures taken in different kinds of landscapes to emphasise, not only the direct benefits of the HD lenses, but also to stress the importance of using sunglasses year-round, and of ensuring the lenses used are of the right kind to adequately protect our eyes.

To learn more about Etnia Barcelona HD Lenses, please visit the technology section of the brand’s website.

You can also find the full sunglass collection at, select opticians or the brand’s Barcelona Flagship Store.


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