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Our city, Barcelona, is the chosen setting for the very first Etnia Barcelona Store in the world. Welcome to our new home!

The Opening of the Etnia Barcelona’s Flagship Store is official. On April 20 we celebrated the opening of our first store, throwing a party that hosted more than 500 people.

The music, by Pascal Moscheni, Tversky live! and Guincho, and the gastronomy, by Xemei, walked with the guests on living a unique experience in each and every one of the 7 floors of the brand’s emblematic building, located at the heart of the Born district of Barcelona. Lázaro Rosa-Violán, the international interior designer that decorated the Flagship, as well as influencers such as Miranda Makaroff, Blanca Miró or Nuria Val were some of the guests who enjoyed the event, discovering all the corners of the Etnia Barcelona Flagship Store.

And, just like everything else we do at Etnia Barcelona, this is to be no normal store! With a surface area covering a total of 800 m2, distributed over seven floors, every inch of Etnia Barcelona’s new iconic space expresses the colour, design and heritage of the DNA of the brand.

Etnia Barcelona Flagship. Details in the First Floor.

First, the Store has two floors exclusively devoted to sales to the public, where you will find all the sunglass collections of Etnia Barcelona: from Originals to Vintage, as well, of course, as the limited edition collections produced in collaboration with influential artists like Nobuyoshi Araki or the one we have dedicated to Jean-Michel Basquiat. A temple to eyewear where you can discover the incredible range of design and colour options we offer in sunglasses, with the guidance and recommendations of our motivated, expert sales team.

Etnia Barcelona Flagship Store. Products Details. Limited Collection available only in store.

We are delighted to open this, our first Flagship Store in the world, especially since it is here in Barcelona, our city, the city that has lent its name to our brand. It takes the scope of our brand one step further since, to do so, what we needed was to gain first-hand experience of the tastes of our clientele says David Pellicer, founder and CEO of Etnia Barcelona.

Etnia Barcelona Flagship Store. Sunglasses collections.

In addition, Etnia Barcelona’s new Flagship Store boasts dedicated showrooms, exclusively for professionals, the press and brand ambassadors. And the store has yet another ace up its sleeve: the rooftop terrace, from which you can admire the views of the authentic, historical Barcelona skyline, with the impressive “Cathedral of the Sea” in the foreground.

The architect Jordi Tió directed the remodelling of the building, a project in which the creative team of Etnia Barcelona played an extremely active role. Together with Estudio Lázaro Rosa Violán, the interior design has been crafted to reflect the character of Barcelona, the city from which our roots were nourished, and from which our inspiration is drawn. Working around the interior design of a typical Barcelona apartment, we have sought to create a most intimate Barcelona feel so the visitor feels that he or she is stepping into the welcoming designer home of Etnia Barcelona.

Come and visit us, we are at C/de L’Espaseria 1-3. 08003 in Barcelona.