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Today we release the fourth and last chapter of Etnia Tales this year: MANIFESTO. Our tribe statment. A declaration of principles.

As you know, the Etnia Tales project consists of a series of pieces in short video format to explain who we are and what defines us, both as a brand and as a company. If you still haven’t seen the previous chapters, you can do so now:

Etnia Tales Chapter 1: David vs. Goliath

Etnia Tales Chapter 2: #BeAnartist

Etnia Tales Chapter 3: La Cuina

Etnia Tales Chapter 4: MANIFESTO is very dear to us. In it, we open our hearts to reveal our passions, what moves and encourages us to keep growing, to never give up. In short, to let you into what we call the Etnia Tribe.

A tribe scattered around the world who this year have faced a great challenge: To GROW into the ETNIA EYEWEAR CULTURE group. A step forward that has allowed us to elevate our purpose and bring onboard and launch new brands to meet the demands of the new consumer trends. As of 2022, Etnia Eyewear Culture is Etnia Barcelona, The Readers, lool and ALLPOETS.

The world and society are changing at a frenetic pace and these new trends also reflect the way we see the world.

MANIFESTO is a declaration of principle, of intent. With it we seek to share our need to go the extra mile, to continue to opt for innovation, sustainability, color, art, culture … To continue the struggle. To never “make do”.


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Here, we’re not talking about walking.
If anything, we’d be talking about running.
We’re talking about looking.
We’re not here to dress bodies.
And we’re not here to undress them… or maybe we are.
Nevertheless, we’re talking about eyes
and we, all of us,
are here for a look.

A look makes it possible for us to move mountains or stop in our tracks.

We are your eyes, your perception, your vision, your soul…
Whatever you want, but it’s no light matter.

That’s how we feel about it.

We are Etnia.
A tribe.
Let’s call it a modern tribe.
Our mother’s and father’s children.
People from different countries with a
common denominator: we’re human.

A system of people with their own codes,
united by one culture. And counterculture.
Our wishes and our rituals.
Our flags and our songs.
Our sages and our healers.

And all of us, as if we were spellbound
by a lightning bolt,
dance to the rhythm in our heads.
The rhythm that’s guiding us…

Poets, readers, technocrats and artists, anartists, lovers, those who are euphoric, color lovers, fighters, lucid individuals, and enthusiasts.”


We are Etnia. The Etnia Eyewear Culture Tribe.



Etnia Barcelona Blog: Etnia Tales Chapter 4: MANIFESTO.